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Indication based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

  • Rental supplier    :Hasegawa Onkyo

  • Name:Hase Acoustic

  • URL:

  • Representative:Hirotaka Hasegawa

  • Homepage administration supervisory manager:Hirotaka Hasegawa

  • Business outline:Music instrument rental

  • Address:I disclose it without delay on request

  • Phone number:I disclose it without delay on request


  • The necessary rate price except the rental fee:Consumption tax, the price settlement fee(in the case of the
    foreign currency settlement…etc)        

  • Application expiration date:1 week

  • Rental number:Please contact us

  • Delivery time for rental musical instrument:The use designated date of the customer

  • Payment method:Credit card

  • Payment time:Within 3 days from an order、or Please contact us

  • Cancellation special contract:Basically cancellations are not accepted, but we accept the cancellation within 3 days before the use only when we understand the reason of the cancellation.            

  • Customer information:We do not use for purposes other than verifing your identity.

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