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since 2023

Hase Acoustic

【Representative message】
You only live once, live your life without regrets.
Vintage Marshall Amplifier(mainly1960's) rental services.
【Special features】
In collaboration with "BELLTONE", the world's best sound quality is achieved while maintaining original parts.
Experience the finest sound quality you ever heard.
Providing the world's best sound quality and making people happy.
We want to correct the supremacy of vintage guitars and reaffirm how inportant guitar amplifiers are.


Rental amp list

You can view other equipment by pressing the left and right slide buttons.


1963 JTM-45

1963 JTM-45 2 tone
Coffin logo & white panel
1963 JTM-45_edited_edited.jpg


1964 JTM-45

1964 JTM-45
1964 JTM-45_edited_edited.jpg

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